Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks spotted out in Beverly Hills

Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks was spotted in Beverly Hills on Friday during a brief outing for the first time since claiming his parents had sent him to a ‘wilderness camp’ when he was a teen to help deal with addiction.

The Shameless actor, 32, kept his look simple and casual by sporting a short-sleeved shirt and jeans while later being joined by a few pals.

The musician recently stated on the late last month in November, that his father and mother, ,  in and ‘was there longer than anybody else.’

Casual outing: Chet Hanks, 32, was spotted for the first time during an outing in Beverly Hills on Friday since claiming his father, Tom Hanks, and mother, Rita Wilson, had sent him to a ‘wilderness camp’ to help deal with addiction as a teenager 

The Empire actor was seen donning a black, short-sleeved printed T-shirt which he paired with ripped black and red jeans. 

He slipped into a pair of classic black and white Vans to coincide with the monochromatic color scheme of his ensemble. 

Chet added a large, silver watch on his left wrist to help him keep track of time during his daytime outing. 

The star was seen stepping outside and mingling with a few friends on a crowded sidewalk.  

Simplistic ensemble: The Shameless actor donned a black, printed T-shirt along with a pair of ripped black and red jeans 

Last month in November, Chet had opened up on the Ivan Paychecks podcast, stating that his father, Tom, and mother, Rita, had sent him to a ‘wilderness camp’ back in 2008 to help him deal with his addiction issues when he was still in high school. 

He had recounted the morning he had woken up to find men surrounding his bed, prepared to escort him to the Utah camp. 

‘Bald heads, like military guys looking like bouncers, you know? And I’m like, ‘What the f***? What the f*** is going on?’ They’re like, ‘You’re coming with us, we could do this the easy way or the hard way,’ Chet had expressed. 

The actor also stated that he lived ‘without a roof over’ his head during the course of his stay at the camp for ‘troubled teens’ and also had to do ‘manual labor.’  

Conversing with friends: As he stepped outside onto a crowded sidewalk, the musician was seen talking to a few pals 

Recent revelations: Last month in November, Chet had opened up on the Ivan Paychecks podcast, stating that his father, Tom, and mother, Rita, had sent him to a ‘wilderness camp’ in 2008 to help him deal with his addiction issues 

He also stated that those who worked at the camp were, ‘psychoanalyzing you and picking you apart.’ 

Chet expressed that he believed both of his parents had been, ‘manipulated the whole time,’ due to their Hollywood and wealthy status and were used as ‘whales’ because they had the ‘resources to keep’ him at the camp for ‘long f***ing time.’

The actor said during the interview that, ‘I was there longer than anybody else,’ along with ‘one kid’ who was kept at the camp for ‘six months.’ 

However, despite the harshness that he had experienced, Chet revealed that he did find God and peace during his time there.  

Sober: Earlier this year in September, Chet revealed on Instagram that he has been sober for one year 

‘Blessed’: Chet shared a YouTube video in February where he detailed the ups and down of growing up with his famous parents; Tom and Rita seen in December in London 

In February, Chet uploaded a where he opened up growing up in with his famous Hollywood parents. Along with Chet, Tom and news Rita also share son, Truman, 26. The Forrest Gump actor additionally shares daughter, Elizabeth, 40, and son, Colin, 45, with his ex-wife, Samantha Lewes.  

The singer did admit he was very ‘blessed’ and that, ‘There’s a lot of advantages but sometimes it can be pretty weird,’ he stated in the video, according to

‘My experience was even more complicated because on top of fame already being toxic, I wasn’t even famous,’ he explained. ‘I was just the son of somebody famous so I hadn’t even done anything to deserve any sort of recognition and that created a lot of contempt.’ 

After expressing some hardships he had experienced, giving examples of individuals bringing him down, he stated, ‘But today, I’m grateful. I’ve changed my life. I no longer have gone down that self-destructive road of dealing with my anger and my resentment.’ 

He concluded that he was ‘focusing’ on ‘being the best me that I can be.’ In September, Chet had updated his followers about his journey to sobriety, and revealed he has been sober for one year. 

‘The decision was final. Never going back to that. Ever. This is just the beginning. Today can be the day that changes your life forever,’ he had typed in the caption of his post.  

Positive path: In September, Chet revealed with an Instagram post that he has been one year sober and wrote that, ‘This is just the beginning’ 

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